Firestarter 2011

13-27 of August the summer program “FireStarter 2011” was held. 49 participants: 13 from Blagoveshchensk, 21 from Vladivostok, 15 from Khabarovsk, and 9 advisors were gathered in “Energetic” camp.

Participants had an opportunity to attend lectures and to pass a course of trainings, where they could learn more about public speaking, leadership, time-management, international organizations and relations, goal setting, marketing. Moreover, entertainment part was also included in a daily schedule, where participants could demonstrate their talents, creativity and how they could work in teams also. For two days participants were given a chance to take part in parliamentary debates and in mini conference, where they had an opportunity to look into some of the global issues.

14 days in English, 4 teams and 59 people were living like a one big family from waking up till the lights out. In the end everyone could feel this unique spirit and atmosphere of “FireStarter”, which unite people from program to program. It was really hard to say goodbye, nevertheless, “FireStarter” ended, but new ideas, new skills and new friends appeared. I hope that this project burns the hearts of all people who were involved and this fire will flare in their souls for a long period of time or even all life, considering, that “FireStarter” is not a simple camp, it is much more than that. Thank you all for making this summer unforgettable! I look for FS’12.


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