The end of the AMC'2012 in Khabarovsk

The Khabarovsk MUNRFE Club is really proud of success that was achieved throughout the Autumn Master-Classes 2012.

There is absolutely no doubt that each member of Khabarovsk MUNRFE Club contributed something special to this project. Every day of lectures was filled with positive and bright emotions. All members were demonstrating unity and productive work of the Club that caused a great feedback from newcomers. The Club is absolutely glad that today we have a plenty of young, talented and ambitious students who have joined MUNRFE and who are willing to participate in the upcoming XI MUNRFE international conference. The Club would like to express a deep gratitude to Andrey Kozinets and Vladimir Tananykin who made a significant contribution during the task-force and conducted lectures. We would also like to thank our honorable Khabarovsk MUNRFE alumni who provided us with help in conducting lectures and trainings during the master-classes.

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