Historical Session in Khabarovsk

The Historical Session of Khabarovsk MUNRFE Club was successfully conducted!

On February 16, 2013 the Khabarovsk MUNRFE Club conducted the Historical MUNRFE Session under the initiative of Sergey Lebedev, simulating the debates of the Economic and Social Council and the Security Council on the relevant issues of the year 1986:

  • Security Council – Situation in Libyan Arab Jamahiriya (reaction to the El Dorado Canyon operation)
  • Economic and Social Council – The UN response to the catastrophe in Chernobyl


The main aim of Historical Sessions was to give the delegates the opportunity to feel “changing the world history” and understand what factors might influence on making decisions in the past, present and even future.

The Session was simulated from 14.00 to 18.00 on the basis of the Pacific National University. There were 14 delegates in both committees in total + 2 observers from MUNRFE and KSAEL Debate Club. The committees were chaired by Vyacheslav Kukushkin (SC) and Natalia Sidorenko (ECOSOC).

All participants of the Project showed the highest level of professionalism, awareness of the issues and readiness to debate and contribute to elaboration of the comprehensive decision of committees. Finally, each committee prepared a comprehensive draft of the resolution.

In the Security Council the atmosphere of the ongoing Cold War in 1986 prevented to pass the final resolution, though all delegates tried to work constructively and follow their states’ policy simultaneously. In contrast, the ECOSOC managed to “change the history”, having adopted the comprehensive resolution aimed to assist the Soviet Union in overcoming the consequences of the nuclear catastrophe.

The initiator and coordinator of the Historical Session Sergey Lebedev said: “I am happy that my teammates supported this idea and successfully implemented it. I hope that such simulations will be regular and will be not only the internal KHVMUN project, but will also spread over the cities”.

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