MUNRFE at the National Model United Nations 2013, New York, USA

As you all know, the delegation of Model United Nations of the Russian Far East successfully took part in the annual National Model United Nations 2013, held on March 17-21 in New York City, the USA.

The conference was conducted in the Sheraton Hotel and started with the opening ceremony, where the delegates had a unique opportunity to listen to the inspiring speeches of special guests, real Secretariat Officers of the UN such as Maher Nasser, Director of Outreach Division of the UN Department of Public Information, and Zainab Hawa Bangura, Special Representative of the Secretary-General on Sexual Violence in Conflict.

The team of Guinea-Bissau, one of the most challenged countries in the world, was represented in 6 committees of the UN, namely the First, Second and Forth Committees of General Assembly, the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), the Economic Commission for Africa (ECA) and the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD). During 5 days of the Conference the delegates discussed a wide range of global and regional problems, including Illicit Arms Trafficking, Impact of Climate Change on Sustainable Development, Palestinian Refugees and Israeli Settlement on the Occupied Palestinian Territories, Universal Access to Education, Food Security and others.

Moreover, the team attended the seminars organized by the UN Officers, experts in Non-Proliferation and Arms Control and the representatives of new companies such as NBC and CBS News, as well as by Non-Governmental Organizations such as Better World Campaign and Global Poverty Project. The themes of discussions were dedicated to the topics of the Conference itself. The closing ceremony of the Conference was conducted in the real United Nations General Assembly Hall, where the delegates listened to the reports of the Committees and voted for the final resolutions.

Concerning the results of the Conference, unfortunately, the delegation was not recognized by the certificate. However, as an adviser, I can say that our team made all possible to be the best. They demonstrated their ability to work 24 hours a day, debate on the highest level with native speakers, stay professional and accountable in every situation and be more than competent in resolution writing. Thus, I am more than satisfied with their work, as I saw how they grew as personalities and as a team.

The whole team, represented by Eugeniy Tymchenko, Veronika Shchepinskaya, Ksenia Severinova, Olga Katina, Victoria Shevchenko, Marina Rashchepkina, Denis Chaplinskiy, Boris Repin and me, Vladimir Tananykin as the adviser of the team, would like to express its gratitude to the people who invested a lot in the preparation of the team during the training week, namely Olga Bukach, Semyon Korotich, Igor Novikov, Anastasia Scripnik, Andrew Kozinets, Oksana Lipchenko, Alexandra Tatomir, and Anastasia Burmistrova.

Finally, here are some impressions of the NY Team about their trip.

"It looks like a dream - trip to New York, an international conference in real UN, General Assembly Plenary Hall. But it is impossible without hard work, months of preparation, and a good team, which is the basis of all. I'm grateful to my dear NY'13 team, adviser, and MUNRFE for giving me such an opportunity - to see the Statue of Liberty, UN Headquarters, and meet the most challenging experience in my life!"

Veronika Shchepinskaya

"Participating at National Model United Nations was one of the greatest challenges in my MUNRFE life and there are several crucial reasons for that. First of all, mental models, style of debates, goals for the Conference, rules of procedure, quality and quantity of delegates… everything is different and unusual that complicates your calm stay in your soft cave called "MUNRFE debates". Second of all, the speed of debates is several times higher; active delegates are several times more active than the same type of delegates in MUNRFE. NMUN 2013 has become the greatest challenge for my personal advantages and my self-esteem, indeed. At the same time, NMUN 2013 has become one of the brightest experiences in my life, in which I could really try all debate strategies, negotiation tools, convincing techniques that I knew. After these New-York debates, my personal level has definitely grown thanks to my beloved team, my Committee partner, my advisor, and my desire to challenge myself and open my personality. Therefore, I would like to give a reminder to every MUNRFE member who dreams about winning a trip to the Big Apple: "Do not be afraid of widening your horizons!"

Ksenia Severinova

"Climbing to the 3rd phase of the law of the process, getting involved into the emerging on spot team learning, overcoming deep assumptions, and widening my own horizons is what NMUN was for me. These two months of hard preparation and a week of unusual and challenging debates have been, perhaps, the most memorable experience of mine since me joining MUNRFE. It showed what teamwork is, motivated to strive for doing your best in each particular moment, taught to be more tolerant to other opinions and significantly different mental models and helped to look at UN work from quite another perspective."

Denis Chaplinskiy

"Sometimes when the life seems calm and you begin to dive into daily routine you need a big, crazy shake. Fortunately New-York trip was exactly this big and crazy shake that I needed. It’s absolutely another world with its own rules, people, language and climate, everything in New York is fascinating not because everything is great, no, but because it’s not that world and not that environment you get used to living in.

Concerning the conference, I can say only one word – challenge. The conference was a real challenge for me because the debates are different, people are different, everything is different. It’s not bad, but you should be prepared that your vision about the process of debates will turn upside down. In the end, I’d like to thank firstly my good friend and advisor Vladimir Tananykin for his passion and motivation to train our team, develop us and give all the possible skills and knowledge. I wish every MUNer to win the international conference and go to NYC to discover really international debates, climb to the new mountain and stay in the city which never sleeps."

Boris Repin

"I'm always open to a new experience of any kind, that's why I was ready to perceive everything I'd come across in New York in the most positive way ever, and, fortunately, my expectations were numerously proved! The multinational conference, gathering polar minds and various perspectives of how things are supposed to work, has definitely broadened my vision of debates, and how happy I was to meet there that very particular style of energetic conversations and win-win cooperation! The city itself conquered my heart with its brightness of flashing images, friendly people from the whole world, and overwhelming love of art and culture. I'd be happy to have at least one more chance to explore it, as well as repeat such a journey with my team which undoubtedly deserves a right to be rhymed with "dream"!"

Marina Rashchepkina

"What does MUNRFE teach us? Never stop growing.. But I could not even imagine that this adventure in New York would give me so much in the meaning of growth. From the very beginning, from the training week, I realized that it wouldn’t be easy at all, taking into consideration who our adviser was.:) He trained us hard; he invited interesting and experienced guests. He basically tortured us. And he inspired us. But I was surprised even more by the intensive level of challenging and trolling from my teammates! That was the best team I’ve ever had, in other words. :)

It is really hard to describe feelings and emotions about NY and the Conference, just because it is different and peculiar for every person. First, you fall in love with everything, then you start to hate it.:)) and finally you accept it and absorb everything new and strange. People say “You never know how it is until you try it”, - the same is about the NMUN Conference. Participating there gave me great experience and I want to give a piece of advice to MUNRFE members and especially future NY delegates– never be afraid to do things which you’ve never done before to achieve results you had never had. Seriously, it worth sleepless nights and hardcore preparation; it worth leaving your comfortable cave. At the NMUN Conference, you meet so many different people and their various opinions that your cave seems simply too small now for all those impressions.

And I want to thank one more time my dream-team and our adviser. These “adventures of little Guinea-Bissau in the City” I will never forget!"

Victoria Shevchenko


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