Start something new from the 1st of March

Very cozy Master-Classes. Four words that describe everything. A small number of participants, but willing to work so much, even if it was unexpected from the first sight.

There were a lot of lectures conducted, trainings mostly on the work in team; sometimes trainings were integrated in the lecture itself to enlarge the interaction with auditorium, and every lecturer did his or her best to make lecture understandable, bright and unforgettable. All these efforts of the Club-members resulted in graduation of 7 people and one person received certificates for best results in the final exam and became the best delegate during the debates, which were conducted in frames of the Economic and Social Commission for Asia-Pacific region with the brilliant chairperson Ms. Liliya Yakubova.

Before and during Master-Classes a lot of people worked on the contest, on PR-campaign, on preparation of lecturers and other aspects. Our brilliant alumni, Marina Katynskaya, Artyom Danilov and Vera Serdyukova contributed a lot to the process of preparation and performance. Dmitriy Dolgushev and Elena Kharitonova did a lot for SMC’13 to look in the best way it could be, and our experienced advisers prepared two teams for Country Presentation – Switzerland (Margarita Mchedlishvili) that received the certificate for the most colorful performance and Argentina (Liliya Yakubova) that was granted with the certificate for the most musical performance. Both teams have done great job while preparing for both Country Presentation and debates. Obviously, this project could not be done without our club members as lecturers, and the greatest role in the whole process of preparation of SMC’13 was played by our President Vitaliy Savenkov, thanks to whom the project was implemented successfully.

But the main result of these four weeks is not receiving certificates and awards for Country Presentations, not going to the conference, but the most crucial thing is becoming one team. Not a group of people that know each other, but a real team, in which every member cares about others. And we can say that this result we could see clearly.

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