The IV Regional Conference: Results

The IV Regional Conference "Taming the waves of Asia Pacific: Curbing Disasters, Catching the Opportunities" was held in the business incubator of the Pacific National University from 1st till 4th of May, 2013.

11 Secretariat members observed 50 school and university students performing as the United Nations experts and diplomats of the UN Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific, the Sixth Committee of the General Assembly and the Security Council. New-comers and old-comers from Blagoveshchensk, Fokino, Khabarovsk, Vladivostok and Petropavlovsk Kamchtskiy made a new step forward in their personal growth, developing their debates, public-speaking, negotiations and leadership skills day by day. According to the words of Chairpersons, the debates were hot and tough in each Committee that definitely means the success of the substantial part of the Conference. Actually, the facilities provided by the above mentioned university and ever-friendly and people-oriented Khabarovsk MUNRFE Club were on a very high level that raises deep gratitude to the hosting Club and the Conference Coordinator.

We will not list all members of the Secretariat. However, we want to present you the opinion of the main person at the conference, Secretary-General, Olga Katina, who kindly agreed to answer several questions for us.

- You, as a Secretary-General, should have had some great expectations for this Regional Conference. Did they come true?

- Mainly they did. If to talk about infrastructure, thanks to the Khabarovsk Club and our distinguished Coordinator, everything was great: venue, accommodation, we even had souvenir magnets in the delegate kit. :) The Secretariat proved its professionalism, the officers showed their desire to work and did their best at the sessions. Finally, delegates showed amazing debates. No ‘coach potato committee’ was detected, everybody worked hard and argued loudly. :)

- Did something unexpected happen during the event?

- There was a credentials procedure initiated by the delegate from the General Assembly. It touched 6 (!) delegations and was a great surprise for everybody. Fortunately, the Credentials Committee was not gathered, since we did not find a serious argumentation in the submitted credentials report. But it was an interesting experience and some kind of a spicy moment of the conference. :)

- Tell us about the best moments and brightest people at the IV Regional Conference for you.

- Every event within the conference was very special. As for me, the best moment was the opening ceremony, when I saw all delegates sitting in the same auditorium I was sitting not so long ago at the X International Conference, but this time I was on the other side. For me, of course, the brightest people were my team of Secretariat, especially my “wise vice” – Deputy SG Vitaliy Savenkov, who was patient enough to spend this half a year working with me. I also want to distinguish my beloved children – the team of DPRK, the heroes of Juche and Kim Jong-Un. :) They did a great job, representing the most difficult state at this session.

- Do you think the Conference organization has improved your personal skills, especially leadership, and how?

- For sure it did. Now it is easier to realize my own mistakes in management and work with human resources. As for leadership, the Conference definitely improved my understanding of what kind of leadership is more applicable for me.

- What can you advise to people who participated at the IV RC and who are going to the XII International Conference?

- I would like to advise those happy MUNers to enjoy the time when they can allow themselves to participate in our conferences as delegates, because you will never find this fascinating atmosphere of competitiveness and purposefulness at any other model UN. I envy them so much. :)


By the way, as you should remember, every Model UN Conference of MUNRFE is a harsh competition, thus it's high time to name the winners of the IV Regional MUNRFE Conference.


Best team - the USA (Vladivostok) with the Best Advisor Marina Rashchepkina (Vladivostok),

2nd place - Russia (Vladivostok),

3rd place - Republic of Korea (Vladivostok),


Best documents - Nikita Tyzhnenko (Vladivostok).


And, finally, here are the names of IV IC winners:

Roman Snegurov (Vladivostok),

Anna Murzakova (Vladivostok),

Elena Kiseleva (Khabarovsk),

Alexey Zlygostev (Vladivostok).


These 4 outstanding delegates will represent MUNRFE at the National Model UN in Incheon, Republic of Korea, from November 24th till December 2nd, leaded by their brilliant advisor, Olga Katina.


P. S. The IV Regional Conference is over, but, fortunately, we have various memories, funny quotes, cute delegates' kits, lots of photos, and, of course, we have… the Conference NEWSPAPER! Thus, enjoy reading “UNbiased” once again!


UNbiased # 1 (download the file)

UNbiased # 2 (download the file)

UNbiased # 3 (download the file)

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