FireStarter 2013 Report

Annual summer educational programme for school-children “FireStarter” this year took place in the summer camp “Ritm-10” in Vladivostok on 11-25 of August. It gathered 45 participants at the age of 13-17 years from all the Russian Far East – from Vladivostok, Ussuriysk, Fokino, Nakhodka, Spassk-Dalniy, Khabarovsk and Blagoveshchensk.

They were divided into 5 teams with 2 advisers per each team according to the geographical principle of 5 parts of the world: 火 Team (ad’s – Kseniya Shevtsova, Olga Katina); Black Hot Coffee Beans (ad’s – Ekaterina Churkina, Alexey Sidorenko); E for Europe (Olga Skudarnova, Alexey Zlygostev); the Carribean’s 11 ½ (Liliya Yakubova, Gleb Bokhan); Hakuna Matata (Elena Kiseleva, Roman Snegurov).

These guys made 14 days of our educational programme more than just interesting – we had really great performances, funny sketches, cognitive and educational lectures, active sport games, wonderful meetings with guests and fun each day of the “FireStarter 2013”!

We should thank our brilliant guests, who made kids think about many different things, to know something new every day and to believe in the power of friendship and love – Mr. Dey Kim, USA Consul on educational and cultural matters; Mr. Fransis Landivar, the Head of the “Helping Hands” Fund; Mr. Denis Timbal, specialist on drug control in the Asia-Pacific from the Drug Control Department; Ms. Evgenia Kiparenko, specialist from the Department of Youth Affairs from the Far Eastern Federal University. Also we cannot forget our wonderful MUNRFE Alumni who visited FS’13 participants and gave them a series of meetings and lectures – Vladislav Sklyanov, Ilya Kornushchenko and Natalya Martynova.

These 2 weeks, we believe, could help kids to change their lives for better, to find new sphere of interests, to have new friends and have no fear of speaking English! MUNRFE was really happy to manage this project under the leadership of the Coordinator of “FireStarter 2013” – brave and smart Veronika Shchepinskaya, and her wonderful organizing team. This project definitely gave us enough perspectives for “FireStarter 2014”. See you next year!

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