Welcome the new Presidential Team of Khabarovsk Club!

On the 21st of February, 2014, the Presidential Elections were held in Khabarovsk MUNRFE Club. The majority of the Club has decided to elect the current President, Ms. Elena Kiseleva, for the second term in a row. Another candidate, competing for the position of the President, Mr. Vladislav Ulanov, has been appointed as the Vice-President.

The Board would like to express its deep gratitude for the previous Presidential Team of Ms. Elena Kiseleva and Mr. Pavel Nesterov for their significant contribution to the development of the Club. During the previous term Khabarovsk Club had a lot of achievements, including the first victory in MUNRFE Resolution Contest and getting the office in the Pacific National University.

As for the new Presidential Team, MUNRFE is full of bright expectations regarding the upcoming term. We hope, that Ms. Kiseleva, the winner of the IV Regional MUNRFE Conference who will coordinate the fifth one, did not lose her passion and stamina to lead the Club to success, while Mr. Ulanov, the winner of the Best Documents award at the last International MUNRFE Session, will bring new positive vision into the Club’s agenda. The Board would like to warmly congratulate the newly elected Presidential Team and wish them good luck and every success!

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