Meet the team of FireStarter 2014

This summer. August. Blagoveshchensk. 40 awesome children from all over Russian Far East. Dozens of interesting lectures and trainings, bright performances and games. The most successful and unique project of Model United Nations of the Russian Far East is coming. And MUNRFE is ready to present you those brave and smart people, who will organize the best project of summer 2014.

We would like to welcome Ms. Liliya N. Yakubova – honorable Coordinator of FireStarter 2014, who made her dream to be in charge of her favorite project real. She has announced the results of the application process to serve as Regional Coordinators of the project:

Amur region – Ms. Olga Skudarnova, a student of Blagoveshchensk State Pedagogical University (FireStarter 2014 Vice-Coordinator as well);

Khabarovskiy kray – Ms. Anastasiya Stasyuk, a student of Far Eastern Institute of Management – the branch of Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration;

Primorskiy kray – Ms. Lyubov’ Papina, a student of Far Eastern Federal University.

Exactly those young and ambitious ladies will compose the team of FireStarter 2014 Coordinator! Moreover, in order to assist the project implementation in PR-sphere, FireStarter 2014 will have brilliant designers: Dmitriy Dolgushev (a student of Blagoveshchensk State Pedagogical University), Alexandra Gritsenko, and Olga Katina (both students of Far Eastern Federal University). Thank you for the attention and devotion towards the FireStarter project and good luck in all your attempts!

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