Registration and Grant Competition for the V Regional Conference

MUNRFE is deeply happy to announce the registration process for the V Regional MUNRFE Conference “Untwining the tangle of regional crises: Eastern Europe in focus” opened! You may find the details about the Conference on our web-site in the section V Regional Conference. In order to apply – fill in the application form and send it to the Secretariat. The deadline for the registration is April, 23.

Moreover, MUNRFE is happy to announce the Grant Competition to participate in the Conference! In order to apply for a grant, which will cover your registration fee, you just need to submit your Policy Paper according to the format and deadline set by the Secretariat, but being already officially registered to the Conference. These Policy Papers will be carefully evaluated by the Secretariat officers and other experienced MUNRFE members. In case if you are announced as a winner of this Competition, you will be awarded a certificate of achievement, and the payment you made for the registration will cover the same amount of money of you other expenditures at the Conference on your choice (accommodation, banquet). The results of the Competition will be announced no later April, 26. You may download Grant Competition Information

If you have any questions about the Conference – feel free to contact the Secretary-General via secretary-general@munrfe.ru. If you have any questions about the Grant Competition – feel free to contact MUNRFE Board via board@munrfe.ru

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