Each year in August, MUNRFE conducts the Summer Educational Program “FireStarter” for high-school students from different cities of the Russian Far East and Siberia. “FireStarter” is a unique program, organized and implemented entirely by students of the Russian Far East. It is based on the active involvement of high-school students in educational training, seminars, interactive games, excursions, and master-classes.

The concept of this project was developed by teachers from Russia and the USA 4 years ago; by the year 2008 four camps were successfully conducted and involved a total of more than 300 high school and university students.

During two weeks, participants obtain and immediately put into practice new knowledge in spheres of leadership, management, marketing, public speaking, international relations. The program includes a course of lectures, seminars, and training in English, which are being divided into several major blocks according to the spheres of interest.  Besides that high school students obtain the skills of self-presentation, goal setting, passing and conducting interviews, and also the skills of team working. Despite the main accent is made on the educational element, the program also provides sport events and games.

Participation in the project is granted to the most initiative and talented students of the Russian Far East, who are carefully selected by experienced MUNRFE members on the basis of interview and essay contest. Councilors, experienced, active, highly motivated MUNRFE members, go through a comprehensive process of selection as well, and while working in the camp share all their experience with children. Together they create this wonderful atmosphere of mutual trust, respect, and interest, which is the key factor of a successful and pleasant stay. For these young individuals organizing the camp and participating in the process as advisors also is a great step in their both personal and professional development.

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