MUNRFE representative visits Thailand

On February 3-6, MUNRFE representative Yana Linkevich made a trip to Bangkok, Thailand, having won a video contest organized by ASEAN Center in MGIMO University. During her cultural program, Yana was provided with an opportunity to make official visits to the Russian Embassy in Thailand, the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UN ESCAP) headquarters, and Thammasat University. On the final day of the journey, she took a sightseeing tour over the city.

The first day of the journey let Yana plunge into the work of the Russian Embassy in Thailand and get acquainted with Stepan Golovin, a counselor, and Irina Vorobyova, a cultural attaché, who were pleased to share some knowledge not only about the work of the embassy, but also some things from history of Thailand and the perspectives of the Russian-Thai relations.

The second day was marked by a meeting with Oleg Shamanov in the UN ESCAP headquarters, bringing Yana a chance to learn more about the insides of the ESCAP work process. The opportunity to discuss some peculiarities of Thais teaching Russian language and their growing interest in Russia was provided on the third day, when Yana visited Thammasat University and met professor of Russian language and literature Olga Zhilina. The official part of the trip ended up with getting acquainted with Bangkok sights, such as the Grand Palace and King Power MahaNakhon, and trying some national dishes.

Having made a fascinating journey to Thailand, Yana stated: “I never thought that it is possible to become a winner in such a contest, but now the award is in my hands. Each achievement makes me more confident about my own capacities. Each journey and experience gained there make me think wider. Hard work always pays off – that’s what I believe in.” Yana also added that she is extremely grateful to the ASEAN Center in MGIMO University for providing students with such an amazing opportunity to travel and deepen their knowledge in the sphere of international relations in the frames of organized cultural program.

MUNRFE warmly congratulates Yana on being awarded with such a journey and wish her to never stop broadening her horizons and explore the opportunities the student’s life provides her with.

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