MUNRFE Vladivostok Club has elected new Presidential team

On February 26, MUNRFE Vladivostok Club conducted the Presidential Elections. As a result of the Club Meeting, Tatiana Akuneeva was elected as a President for the spring term.

Consequently, she appointed Danil Vinokurov as her Vice-President. On the same day, the elections of the Cabinet took place. The members of the Club supported the list proposed by Ms. Akuneeva – after the presentation of their programs, the nominations of Ms. Alina Vidyakina, Ms. Chimita Choynzhinova, Mr. Stepan Zakharchuk and Ms. Ekaterina Oborina were approved.

Tatiana Akuneeva has served as a Vice-President of the Club in the previous semester and a Coordinator of the MUNRFE Autumn Master-Classes. She has shown her leadership capacities at the Far Eastern Model UN 2020, where she received the Online Diplomacy award. Later, she received the Outstanding Delegate award at the Annual Conference 2020 and was granted an opportunity to represent the Organization at the National Model UN New York (NMUN-NY) 2021.

Danil Vinokurov has shown his commitment to the Club during his term as a Manager for Accountability. His hard work was also evaluated at the Annual Conference 2020 where he received the Outstanding Delegate award and became a part of the Outstanding Delegation. Together with Tatiana, he will take part in the NMUN-NY 2021.

MUNRFE congratulates the newly elected leadership of the Vladivostok Club on their promotion and wishes them to stay motivated and productive for the whole term.

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