MUNRFE Vladivostok Club held a project with SDGs Youth Envoys in Russia

On April 15-17, the MUNRFE Vladivostok Club project “Equal Opportunities 2021” supported by Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Youth Envoys in Russia, gathered more than 20 students.

On April 15, the President of MUNRFE Vladivostok Club Ms. Tatiana Akuneeva delivered a lecture on SDG 4 “Quality education” and touched upon the most pressing issues of the educational system in Russia. Besides, SDG 5 Youth Envoy in Russia Ms. Anna Akimova shared with participants her knowledge on gender equality and the signs of discrimination in Russia.

The following events of the project were dedicated to cooperative work on projects and their presentations. Participants had an opportunity to come up with a strategy of resolving the current problems, related to the achievement of quality education and gender equality in Russia. The work was evaluated by Ms. Polina Varfolomeeva, the SDG 1 Youth Envoy in Russia, and Ms. Christina Tolmacheva, a member of the “Outstanding Delegation” at the National Model UN - New York 2021. Based on the evaluation results, a team composed of Han Seung Bin, Alina Vidyakina, Alisa Gulak, and Stepan Zakharchuk won and was awarded a prize from the project’s partner – a vegan dessert shop “Raw Cake”.

SDG Youth Envoys is an initiative that allows young people around the world to make their own contribution to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals till 2030. The MUNRFE became a part of the Envoy’s initiative in 2020 when two of its members, Ms. Polina Varfolomeeva and Mr. Aleksei Stanonis, became the SDG 1 and 9 Youth Envoys in Russia.

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