On June 14-20, for the first time, Vladivostok Club conducted “Refugee Week 2021: Every Action Counts” supported by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees Representation (UNHCR) in Russia.

The program of the project included six events, in particular, the essay and photo contest, a photo exhibition, an online quiz, and a series of online lectures. First, participants had an opportunity to take part in the students’ essay contest on the topic “Challenges and opportunities for refugees in the COVID-19 era” which was held on May 6 – June 5.

On June 16, the MUNRFE Deputy Executive Director Ms. Daria Zlydar together with the Vice-President of MUNRFE Vladivostok Club Mr. Danil Vinokurov delivered a lecture on the topic “International migration and development”. On June 18, Senior Protection Officer to the UNHCR in Russia Dr. Wellington Carneiro delivered a lecture on the role of the UNHCR in the lives of refugees. A concluding event in frames of the Refugee Week, an online Quiz, was conducted on June 20, celebrated as World Refugee Day.

The winners of the essay, quiz, and photo contest were awarded special prizes from the UNHCR-Russia:

  • - Essay Contest winner – Ms. Anastasia Atlasova;
  • - Photo Contest winner - Ms. Anna Gontar;
  • - Quiz winners - Ms. Yana Korchevnaya and Ms. Chimita Choinzhinova.

Moreover, during the whole week, a photo exhibition was held on the campus of the Far Eastern Federal University. Students and guests got acquainted with the refugees' artworks.

MUNRFE is sincerely grateful to its partners from the UNHCR for the substantial support provided during the implementation of the project.

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